Transmuteur of Orgones. Energetic and therapeutic properties.

A scientific reality

Many references in cultures, eras and among scientists about the vital energy ' Chi ' that can develop orgones.

Quality design

Orgonia ensures the creation of your Orgonites seriously : a specific protocol is followed. We have great experience in this field !

A wide choice

You can customize your order according to your preferences (colors and shapes and size, for example). There is a solution for every budget.


Our Orgonites will help you in your daily life: transmutation of energy, immune system, revitalization, personal protection etc...

Discover the effects of ORGONITES
on your body, car and even your garden

The applications are indeed numerous. Feel free to read our information page to learn more !


The Orgonites act on your environment and yourself.


Transform negative energy into positive and feel improvements every day.


While not a substitute for medical treatment, Orgonites strengthen your immune system.


Also while traveling by car, the Orgonites emit positive energy to your vehicle.


Your green spaces also benefit from the energy and growth of your plants will be improved.

Choose your Orgonite

Among a large number of colors and color chart

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