Transmuteur of Orgones

Energy and therapeutic properties

These Orgonites can help you in different areas :
– Orgonite is a matrix capable of picking up negative energy, to filter and transmute into positive energy. (Electromagnetic pollution , Wifi , mobile phones, telephone relays , etc.)
– Strengthening the immune system .
– Transmutation of discordant energies .
– Increase of the vibratory rate of your environment.
– Cleanse and stabilize housing – revitalizes the human environment.
– Promotes plant growth .
– Personal protection against negative energies.
– When traveling by car, the Orgonites alter the Octane and are achieving a 20% saving on fuel.

This tool is not a substitute for medical treatment – in case of illness consult your doctor.


Manufacturing and composition of our orgonites

When manufacturing our Orgonites, we follow a specific protocol, of course evolutionary, based on information we receive and our own evolution.
Here are the highlights :
It is necessary initially to purify the places of manufacture of organelles and all used items and materials.
Our place is subject to extensive and rigorous expertise in Geobiology allowing us to evolve into a higher vibrational, healthy and without any negative influences.
We must apply ourselves to some purification techniques before starting our creations.
During the manufacture , we introduce the four elements (fire , water, earth , air) in balance within the object.

We also use an elixir of seven sacred metals singing bowls (in connection with our seven chakras), each metal being in connection with a planet, Gold (Sun), silver (Moon), Mercury (Mercury), Copper (Venus) iron (Mars), Tin (Jupiter), Lead (Saturn).
A rock crystal disposed in each orgone thus giving the object the qualities of this mineral (receiver, transmitter, amplifier, purification, storage of information …)
A double spiral copper is placed at the end of the process, it potentiates the conduction of orgone and transmutation of energy. Its implementation strictly respects the telluric and cosmic balance and induces through its energy dynamic harmony of forces, a particular dimension is given to each of our Orgonites. Thanks to the invisible world of technology we can introduce information in our creations to obtain a vibratory rate equal or greater than 5200%.